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Published Mar 21, 23
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Whether you are a frequent DIY-er or prefer the hands-off approach, at some point, every homeowner will need to hire a professional to handle or assist with repairs. For many of us, that time comes when a plumbing issue arises. The plumbing system in your home is complex. If it is not working properly, you risk being without clean water or creating water damage issues.

Master plumbers and journeyman plumbers have the most experience. It is most common for master plumbers to own the business, while journeymen typically work in the business. Make sure to look for the right type of plumber for your project. While plumbers vary by specialty and experience, most good tradespeople do have a few things in common.

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A plumber who is serious about the longevity of their business will make sure to operate only while properly licensed and fully insured. Ask for insurance certificates, and call the agency to verify that the policies are enforced. Your state website will have information on whether your potential plumber is licensed.

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Your plumber should be familiar with what the manufacturer warranty is on anything they install and should back it up with an additional workmanship warranty. The workmanship warranty will vary by project. Ask your potential plumber for references from recent projects. Of course, they will be giving you the names of customers who adore them, but you should still call.

Were they polite on the phone and in-person? Did they respect your home, take off their shoes, park in the proper place? If they take the time to pay attention to the little details in your initial interactions, you can bet that will carry through the work you hire them to do.

You've combed through all of the sources, and are ready to call a few plumbers about your project. It's on you to be prepared and to decide what is important to you! It is not necessary to call on nine to 10 companies—pick two to four that you feel meet your requirements, If you are disappointed after the first round of calls, then repeat with two to four more.

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Every project has a potential for surprises or mistakes, proper communication will help your project be as smooth as it can be.

Stuck with a leaky faucet? Thinking about redoing your bathroom or kitchen? You could use a plumbing contractor. There may be a lot of pros out there who can do the job for you. Here’s how to determine what you need. Dealing with plumbing issues demands quick action, but you need to know who to call.

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Before you start asking for estimates, do a little research to narrow down the list to the most qualified service professionals in your area. When homeowners need to hire a professional, they often start asking local friends and family for suggestions. This approach can help identify someone near you who has a reliable reputation.

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You can usually visit the state licensing board to see if a person holds a current license. Most of the time (but not always), a valid license means that the professional also carries state-mandated insurance and bonding. When you start vetting companies, ask for proof of insurance. As you start to browse through your options, you’ll discover independent contractors and companies with several plumbers on staff.

However, the person who comes to your home may not be the one holding the company’s certifications. Independent plumbing contractors with a current license often have more experience, but they may book up quickly. The one you pick depends on what you need done, and how quickly. When you make the first phone call, pay attention to how you feel as you go through your list of questions to ask a plumber before hiring.

Find out about: proof of license, registration and insurance references experience payment expectations Sooner or later, we all need to call a plumber. It is expensive and there’s no way around that. But, there are a variety of ways to get the most value and save money hiring a plumber.

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People figure that they should hire the reputable firm with the lowest bid. Sounds simple and direct, but this isn’t always correct. Consumers can get confused over the meaning of “reputable.” If people have heard the company name many times over the years, they may feel that the firm must have a high degree of credibility.

In the plumbing field, several of the most highly promoted companies have troubling reputations. This is why it’s important to go through a prescreened plumbing service that provides reviews for listed professionals. It is also difficult to compare rates because of the many ways plumbers bill for working hours. Travel time is a factor that should be considered.

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